Excuse my language but the shit people say behind my back is beyond me! 

After having my son, I had post partum depression. Everyone knows this! I felt as if I couldn’t raise my son. I felt like I wasn’t in the right state of mind. But, not once DID I WALK OUT ON HIM NOR WILL I EVER. He is my baby! And, like numerous moms have said, it gets better! And, it has. 

You can share all these posts you want, but just because I still struggle with post partum depression doesn’t mean I’m going to walk out on my son. But, I’m so glad you think I will! He’s part me and always will be! He doesn’t belong to you or “just your side of the family.” MY family cares deeply for my son but they don’t get to see him as often since I made the stupid decision to move to this place.


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