My Sweet Baby

Where has time gone?! My sweet boy will be 7 months in 7 days! He is crawling, and trying to stand. Sometimes it sounds like he says “ma ma.” He is so incredibly smart, and I’m so lucky to be his mom!

Last night was a very scary mommy moment for me! On Thursday, his daycare called me and told me that I needed to come pick him up because he had a fever. I instantly took him to the ER because his little cheeks WERE SO ROSEY! Well, they “checked” his ears and throat, did a rsv swab and flu swab, everything came back negative. That night, he didn’t sleep much at all, and we got 2-3 inches of snow that night so on Friday his day care was closed and he got to stay home with mommy and daddy. We had a good day! Daddy had to run mommy around because she had some things she needed to get done, and my sweet baby just slept the whole time, us assuming it’s because he wasn’t feeling very well! We got home around 12:30, and I gave him some motrin. He played with his toys, watched tv with me, and seemed like he was feeling pretty well. Around 5, he was in his walker and I noticed he was pretty fussy. I changed his diaper and we layed down for a cat nap. I put him in his bed and I slept in my bed. Around 6, daddy came home and woke him up, and I’m so glad he did! My sweet baby went from good to worse in a matter of an hour!! His dad took him into the living room and layed him on the floor next to the fire place and I followed and sat on the couch. I was watching my son play and I noticed his bottom lip was chattering like he was cold. He had on long sleeves, pants, and socks. His dad immediately got the thermometer, and my sweet boy had a rectal temp of 102.9 and it was still climbing. We immediately loaded him up and rushed him to the ER. I was terrified! He was pale, shivering, and didn’t have much strength to grab my finger. We got to the ER, temp was 102.2 and they gave him some tylenol and got us back, quick! Of course, RSV, STREP, and FLU swab came back negative! His ears were fine, but his throat was the problem! It was red, and he had a couple puss pockets on it! They gave us some strong antibiotics and two things of ibuprofen. I hope these antibiotics kick his URI in the butt and he gets back to being my happy baby who just wants to laugh, play and have fun! 💙💙


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