MIA, again.

Sorry, I’ve been MIA, again. It has been a long and stressful week for me, on top of people making me feel like dog shit. 

I was off on Monday. I was supposed to be off on Tuesday but I was asked if I would come in, so I did. And, on top of that, we had a girl call in on Wednesday so I said I would stay and close. My shift was from 12:45- 10 pm. Of course, I’m a mom as well, so I don’t get 8 hours of sleep at night. I’m lucky if I get 5, sometimes. Well, I worked yesterday from 1 – 6. 

I slept yesterday until I had to be at work. I didn’t think it was a problem, but I guess it was. And, today, my plans are to clean and re arrange the bedroom. Well, heaven for bid I wanted to take a quick shower and then get busy. But, I guess since I’m not cleaning up the bedroom right now, because “someone” wants me too, right now, I’m lazy. Can’t a girl just fix her hair and face before she tackles her day?! Not in my world. Everything I do is wrong, and I’m lazy! But, I guess being lazy is getting up with my son at night. Getting up and riding with “asshole” to drop him off at daycare. Coming home, washing my sons bottles, sorting out the clean laundry, and putting dirty laundry in the wash. Then, I took a shower. 

I need a break away from where I live. Honestly, I don’t think they want me here, and they’re trying to get me to leave. Because, I don’t feel like anything I’m doing is wrong. I work, take care of my son and do stuff around the house when I have free time. I’m a new mom, my son is ONLY 4 months old. I think if I want to take a nap, I should be able to. I haven’t had one in nearly 3 months while I was a single mom, raising a fussy new born. Damnit, I’m pissed!!!!


3 thoughts on “MIA, again.

  1. Leave then. Instead of staying there and complaining on the internent just leave the “asshole” go back home to your family and forget about him. Sorry to say but alot of those things are just apart of your life now with being a mom. Men arent the best at realizing that you need the help communicating is the best thing you can do or atleast try to do. If you are that miserable then your son can sense that and thats not good for you or baby. Get out while hes still young you will be a better mom for it go somewhere with people who will love you and help you that way your happy and baby is happy.


    1. Me, complaining on the internet is just me getting my feelings out. You don’t have to read it. I don’t know who you are. And, I’m working on leaving. I just have to find a job over to where I want to go.


  2. Good luck on trying to find a new job, I watch you struggle and still continue to be a wonderful mom. You deserve the best! 🙂 I understand getting the feelings out, it’s the whole reason we have our blogs!


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