Friday, Saturday, Today.

I have been MIA since Friday and I apologize! Friday, I relaxed around the house, and then Friday night, I had a date night. We went to eat some yummy mexican food, went to see a movie, and got some ice cream! We went to watch ” The Girl On the Train” and I was really impressed with it. Boyfriend on the other hand, was not. We got home around 11:30, and then our son thought it was play time! Needless to say, I was exhausted yesterday, and I had to work from 11:15, to 5:45, last night. 

Today, I’m just relaxing around the house. I had planned to go to Harrison to be with my family and take my son, and nephews trick or treating tomorrow night, but my son has a cough and runny nose. Really, it’s just allergies but his dad says otherwise and won’t let us go. He isn’t running a fever and doesn’t look miserable so, he seems fine to me. I’m so mad. He can go do whatever he wants all the time but the one time I want to take my son to Harrison and do something fun with my family, I can’t. I’m really considering just taking my son to the hospital and letting hem tell his dad it’s just allergies. He’s been this way before and the doctor gave us allergy medicine and he was fine, but his dad was nowhere around last time it happened so he doesn’t know. Anyways, I’m going to quit ranting because I’m just making myself mad, and I’m working on another blog about “dads” that will be posted later.

One thought on “Friday, Saturday, Today.

  1. Babies/kids get colds all the time because they are getting use to different surroundings or weather temperatures. As long as his nose drainage isnt yellow, he is not running fever, and he doesn’t have a rattle in his chest, he’s fine and its not contagious.


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