My Thursday

I haven’t had much to think about or write about, today. I’m not feeling as gloomy as yesterday. Usually on the days when I can keep myself busy are my good days! I’ve been busy deep cleaning our bathroom today and hanging up a new shower curtain, plus washing towels and the bathroom rugs! 

As I’m sitting here munching on Gummi worms, and drinking water, fitness crossed my mind. My arms are like jello after scrubbing the shower and toilet! Where I work is right next to a Planet Fitness…… so, why not join? I need to get into a gym and definitely tone up my “mom bod.” I’ve lost the majority of the weight I gained while I was pregnant with my son, but some of my stomach is still like jello. I have the determination but, time. I don’t have a whole lot of free time. But, no excuses is what I’m telling myself! If you’re reading this, starting tomorrow, you will follow me on my fitness journey, my college journey, my every day life journey AND my mom journey! 

It’s time for some big changes in my life! 

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