So, the children lieing post. I’m going to let it go. If I ever write a book some day, I’ll put my insight in it, and share my experiences about it with ya’ll. But, I don’t feel like dealing with criticism, today. Or, having to argue with someone.

With that being said, I’ve felt gloomy, today. I feel like I have so much weight on my shoulders. Which, I do. I just have some decisions to make about some things. Anxiety and depression are playing a major roll in my life, today. I still struggle and I won’t lie about it. But, I focus on ways to make it better instead of dwelling on it. Like, today. I was thinking about how my life would be better if I got rid of certain people. Hell, these people might feel the same about me. But, do I care? Not really. I just want to be a good person and a good mother to my son. I really just need some time away from where I’m living, and I need to go see my family. Hopefully me and my son can go spend Halloween with them! 💕

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