College Mom

I’m 23 years old, with some college under my belt. I have yet to graduate or receive any kind of degree. I started college, but I ended up not going back because I failed two classes and got my financial aid taken away! College is expensive and I can’t attend unless I have financial assistance. I’m not afraid to admit that I failed two classes. I didn’t have many responsibilities at the time, and I didn’t put the time and effort into my schooling like I should have! But, now that I’m a mother, I just want my son to be proud of me! I’ve been thinking long and hard about going back to college. And, I plan to start back in January, hopefully! And, I’m changing my mind one more time on what I’m going for! (I’ve changed my mind 3 times already. Bridge LPN to RN. Just go straight to my RN. And, Medical Lab Technician.) I’ve decided that I really want to study to become a Medical Examiner. It’s going to take a lot of time, and hard work, but it will all be worth it! And, I’ll be able to give my son the good life that he deserves! I’ll keep you all updated on my college journey. Right now, all I can do is work, and get things taken care of with the college I’m going to attend, and wait until January rolls around.

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